Indoor Pollution Making You Ill?

Does Someone in your Family Suffer from Headaches, Sinus Conditions, or Respiratory Congestion?

Did You Know that Dirty Air Ducts are the Primary Source of indoor Air Pollution?

Do You Have High Heating and Air conditioning Bills?

DUCT CLEANING is essential for clean breathable air in your home and it may also reduce your heating or energy bill.  Many homes we cleaned had one or many blocked vents.  The obstruction was preventing the normal airflow of heat in some rooms making the furnace work harder to provide the degrees required.
For deep cleaning Essential uses different size of brushes which fits perfectly into the vents and duct work to remove the dust and debris on all the sides top and bottom of it.  It is a clean process since the loosen debris are taken directly by the vacuum hose to the powerful truck mount system.  We also clean any other ventilation system such as; air conditioning, air cleaner, dryer, bathroom & kitchen vents and the furnace. 
A safe sanitizer is used to complete the cleaning process and kill bacteria & fungicide.
The cleaning of the heating and air conditioning ventilation system could be the healthiest home improvement you will ever make. 

   Statistics proves that most of us are spending 90% of our time indoors and most of it is in our home.  According to the Canadian Lung Association 20% of Canadians have some sort of lung disease such as asthma, emphysema and lung cancer.  If we include people with allergies & sensitivities, up to a third of Canadian may be affected with contaminants.  Fungicide, mould, mildew and dust are some of the contaminants found in the ventilation system.  It is released in the home by the furnace and in the air you are breathing day and night.
Houses today are built air tight making the indoor air highly polluted more so than outside.  Creating a healthier living space and improving indoor air quality is fairly simple.  Most problems can be corrected by ensuring walls & other surfaces are clean and by improving ventilation. 

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